What is a car kit? +

The autokit a car bought at auction, disassembled for parts. Completeness is determined by the form of disassembly.
The machine DOES NOT INCLUDE: cut body parts (they can not bring from all points), seats, battery, gas tank and catalyst. Glass is also brought without warranty.

Example (seats were ordered for an extra charge).

Can I complete my order? +

Today we are based on 4 auto disassembly schemes:
Machine Kit (MWK), Half Set (P/K), Nooskat (NSC) and EngineKit (EK).
In addition to each type of product You can add spare parts, as well as refuse something using the functionality of Blank Disassembly. All this affects the final order price.

Are there any offers for European cars? +

Despite the fact that most of our range is English cars, we carry goods from other European countrie. We offer such machines from Belgium, Italy, Germany, Sweden.
In addition, we carry cars from America and Japan.

Is it possible to buy only motors? +

We have such a product as a motor-kit. We buy a whole car, which we start before dismantling and do a full check of the internal combustion engine, shoot a video to make it easier for you to sell the engine. This is not the usual motor which is mainly imported from Lithuania and Spain, and which cannot be tested well, but a completely different produc

Can you bring a half of a car, a part of a car body? +

We do not carry such parts. This is prohibited under European law. In addition, it is unprofitable economically for customers.

Are there any offers for premium cars? +

There are many offers for "premium" cars, but they are expensive at ordinary auctions, since there are a lot of people who want to buy such cars. We often raffle off the so-called non-auction offers, where the price is more pleasant. And here it is very important to respond quickly - because among our customers the demand for such machines is quite high.
For example, recently there have been many good offers for such cars in America. In any case, if you want to work with premium cars, please contact us by any of the phones, and our managers will inform you about such offers.

What cars can you bring? +

and other auctions.
That is, these are any cars of the American, Japanese, European and English markets.

What are the guarantees? +

You choose a car and evaluate it according to the photo and description yourself. Only then will we buy it for you. We provide a guarantee for our services - the quality of disassembly. If suddenly there are any moments, then everything is decided individually.

Do you have a discount system? +

We have various offers that allow you to save on your purchase. Several times a year there are discounts for prepayment.

Do you have a deferred payment system? +

All questions are solved individually. Conditions and the possibility of a delay are discussed only after a certain time of cooperation. It all depends on the history of purchases and payments for them.

Discounts, compensation for damaged goods +

Compensation for hidden defects is not made. We compensate breakdowns due to our fault based on 30% of the average market price in Europe. We compensate the cost of goods.

What are the forms of payment? +

We accept any form of payment convenient for you.
We have a representative office in Smolensk. For Russian companies, we offer payment to the bank account of our Russian company. We work with VAT.

What is the cost of the purchased car? +

The cost of the kit depends on the cost of the lot at the auction, expenses at the place of disassembly, the cost of disassembly, packaging, loading into a truck, customs duties, delivery to Minsk, services for inspection, storage, etc.
You can see the cost calculation diagram for previously purchased lots in the catalog when viewing information about an auction.

What are the delivery times? +

We can ensure the minimum delivery time from those dismantling places where the truck leaves once a week. There are a lot of cars at auctions, and the trucks fill up fast.
Sometimes interesting cars are in those places where long deliveries from the British or the truck fills up rather slowly. In these cases, there may be a delay. Buying cars from such auctions occurs if the client knows for sure that he is ready to wait longer.
America / Japan - about 2 months. - depends on the season. Longer in winter, faster in summer.
England - from 1.5 weeks.
Belgium/Italy - from 3 weeks.

What is the quality of disassembly? +

For to answer this question, as a rule, it is enough to say that our own retail has been operating for more than 24 years. During this time that we disassemble the car for ourselves, we have worked out the quality of disassembly, taking into account the nuances of each model and body type. Among our customers, we have a good reputation for the quality of disassembly, because we are constantly working on quality control. We can bring our quality to perfection, but it will be very long and very expensive. Therefore, our customers receive from us the EXPECTED level of quality.

I used to work with you and was not satisfied with the manager +

You will always have the opportunity to choose a manager who will suit you. You work with a company, not with a manager. In addition, you can contact the director at any time and discuss any questions.

How much can we cooperate with you? +

We work with any clients - that is, from the purchase of 1CAR KIT per year. It does not matter to us how much you are willing to buy goods from us. We will sell even 1 car.

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